As a ‘Contemporary Traditional’ artist, Harry seeks to create images that express the wonderful in the ordinary. This is achieved through keen observation and appreciation of how light falls on forms to reveal tone and colour. He is equally adept with landscape, still life and portraiture.

Harry conducts his own Watercolour, Oil Painting and Drawing Basics workshops and classes in the Northern Rivers area of NSW. He has tutored holiday watercolour workshops in Italy, Central Australia and Norfolk Island.

His students appreciate his back to basics approach where he teaches them to observe and understand the world in terms of shape and proportion, tone and colour, and to develop simple skills to render that on paper or canvas. This training gives them the skills to develop their own personal means of artistic expression.

Harry trained in drawing and painting at the Julian Ashton Art School and under the Tonal Impressionist portrait painter Graeme Inson. He has studied watercolour under well known watercolourists David Taylor and Ross Paterson.

Having an honors degree in Art History and Theory, Harry combines his practical skills with a deep understanding of the methods and traditions of Western Art. He is a qualified secondary Visual Arts teacher and has much experience in Adult Education classes and workshops.